About Us

The Green Feat is dedicated to helping people everywhere power down quickly and significantly, in hopes of averting the worst effects of climate change and being as prepared as possible for the major changes that we may already have locked in.

We are inspired by the awesome beauty and interdependence of the natural world, saddened by our species’ blind overuse of resources, frightened at our tendency to trample over everything in pursuit of short-term gains, yet hopeful that our curiosity, humility, and appreciation for life can give us the power to change.

On our parcel of land in South Central Indiana, we are committed to finding ways to live sustainably, acknowledging the near-impossibility of this goal in the context of our fast-paced, technology-driven, interdependent culture, yet striving to steer in that direction anyway. We don’t have all the answers. We don’t even have all the questions. But as we keep experimenting, reflecting, and learning, we’ll keep sharing what we find — and hope you’ll do the same.

It’ll take all of us to achieve this green feat. We hope you’ll join us in whatever way you can.