The Bucket

Nobody likes to feel like their efforts are “just a drop in the bucket.” But the solution isn’t to over-emphasize the importance of our own accomplishments! Instead, let’s 1) make our drops bigger, 2) inspire more people to add their drops, and 3) create a virtual “bucket” so we can see how they accumulate.

Making our drops bigger. We all know what that means. Finding more and more ways to use less energy and other resources. If you’ve changed your lightbulbs, that’s great — but now focus on something bigger, like reducing your use of AC, switching to an electric vehicle, traveling less, and eating lower on the food chain. Check out our Task of the Month programs for ideas on taking it to the next level.

Inspiring more “drops.” Here are some ideas:

  • Introduce these programs to your neighborhood, workplace, congregation, or other group to try to get many people working on these tasks at once.
  • Share our site and other resources on social media.
  • Lobby your representatives — locally, as well as at the state and federal levels — to make policy changes that support low-carbon living.
  • Vote for people who are part of the solution.
  • Volunteer for a local organization doing good stuff.
  • Donate money to a local organization doing good stuff.
  • Show up at events promoting awareness and action, and take a friend or two along.

Creating a Bucket. If you’re not sure about the importance of this one, watch this video and notice how it makes you feel. Most people are inspired by knowledge that they are not the only ones working on a big challenge like climate change. So share videos like that, and encourage people to jump on board this train. Likewise, share your own stories! Do people in your life know that you are concerned about climate change? Do they know that you’re working to decrease your footprint? You probably don’t like announcing your own accomplishments, so here’s a way you can contribute this information without being obnoxious.

  • Complete our checklist of actions
  • Let us know when you’ve completed a task of the month, and we’ll compile this information
  • Get your friends and relations to do the above
  • Sign up to have us post an ACHIEVEMENT on your Facebook page when you let us know you’ve completed an action