Local Resources, Programs, and Organizations

If you’re in the vicinity of Bloomington, Indiana, here are some opportunities and resources you can plug into.  If you’re somewhere else and would like a page on this site to reflect opportunities local to you, get in touch and let’s see what we can do.

Dish Rental Service. As in table settings, not satellite. If you’re in the vicinity of Bloomington, IN and planning an event, cut your carbon footprint and your trash by renting our dishes.

Check back here periodically for updates on local programs in development. Or, subscribe to be notified when new initiatives are launched!

Meanwhile, check out these local organizations:

Indiana Solar for All – Committed to increasing access to solar power for all, regardless of income.

Earth Care – A network of faith communities working to raise awareness and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Earth Care is Bloomington’s faith response to climate change.

Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light (H-IPL) – Earth Care’s parent organization, H-IPL is Indiana’s faith response to climate change.

Center for Sustainable Living – An umbrella group that supports projects addressing all aspects of sustainable living.

Southern Indiana Renewable Energy Network (SIREN) – A wealth of expertise and experience, helping to educate the public about solar energy and make it as easy as possible for households to go solar.