Dish Rental Service

Planning a party? Serving lunch at your organization? Hosting a picnic for your school or workplace? Instead of generating a bunch of garbage with single-use table service, make a point of having some good, clean fun!

We have amassed a substantial collection of reusable dishes in order to make our own events trash-free, but there’s no reason for everybody to make the same investment. Instead, we’re happy to share our resources. We have plastic plates, bowls, and cups, as well as porcelain dinner plates and metal flatware.

  • Plastic Plates: excellent for picnics and other informal gatherings. Several styles, varying quantities.
  • Plastic bowls: Two sizes. Large bowls are black and yellow, small bowls are blue, red, and pink.
  • Plastic cups: Assorted sizes, styles, and colors.
  • Flatware: Forks, table knives, spoons.
  • Porcelain plates: 9-inch white dinner plates in various styles.

Policies & Procedures

Cost: Our priority is to decrease waste rather than to make a lot of money, so all we ask is for a token payment to help cover our expenses (see Inventory pages for specifics*). If you are moved to make a donation beyond what we ask, that will allow us to expand our collection and make it available to more people.

Reservations: Start by reviewing our inventory by following the links* to the items you’re interested in (above). Then fill out a Reservation Request form*.

Pickup/Delivery: If the items you need are available on the dates you requested, we’ll arrange mutually convenient times and locations for drop-off and pick-up (or delivery).

Cleaning: After your event, thoroughly wash and dry all the items and return them to the (clean, dry) bin(s) or boxes they were delivered in. Or choose the “return dirty” option on your Reservation Request form, and we’ll wash them for you (additional charges apply).

Lost or Damaged Items: Items are not returned in reasonable condition will be billed at $1 per item. The charge for a damaged bin may be up to $10. Be cautious when putting plastic items in commercial dishwashers!

Late fees: If you are unable to return the items at the agreed upon time, please contact us immediately so we can work out a new arrangement. We may need to charge a late fee to cover lost revenue, transportation costs, and/or inconvenience.

*If you are reading this page and interested in using our dishes before all the forms and photos are available, just contact us and we’ll figure it out.